Even though you may be aware of your symptoms, did you know that these are the body’s way of communicating with us?

That’s right! The symptoms you’re struggling with are actually just manifestations of inflammation.

When I started on my own healing journey over 20 years ago, I had little idea that true health could not be found at a pharmacy. I thought that I’d only ever be able to manage my symptoms and that the real reason I was experiencing them was plain bad luck. 

It took my health getting worse for me to step into my power and take ownership of my wellness. I grew exasperated with the health care professionals who placated me and didn’t have time to really hear me. Managing symptoms wasn’t good enough for me anymore. I was tired of taking the backseat on my health. I wanted to understand why I was suffering from thyroid, gut, hormone, and autoimmune issues and find a holistic way to heal my body.

Like many of the clients I help, I dove headlong into researching my conditions and learning all that I could from various websites, blogs, books, and seminars. It turns out that Dr. Google doesn’t always produce evidence-based advise (who knew, right?) and a lot of my early efforts were misguided, ineffective, even harmful.

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"When you work with me, I become your Health Detective - using your symptoms as clues to uncover the hidden sources of inflammation standing between you and optimal health."

Through all the clutter of wacky wellness advice and plethora of unqualified health-guru’s I began learning more about an emerging field of medicine that was being built on scientific evidence, but that promised to take a different approach to health than what I had experienced with Western medicine. (If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Instagram for any length of time, you’ll know what I’m talking about here.) 

Functional Medicine is a whole person approach to health care. Contrary to Western medicine’s model of silencing and suppressing the symptoms that you’re experiencing Functional Medicine seeks out the root-cause. By uncovering and resolving the source of inflammation that is provoking your symptoms it allows the body to heal – and not just limited to “I feel better” like I had been used to, but actually “I am better”. 

Following inspirational Functional Medicine figures such as Mark Hyman, Chris Kresser, Terry Wahls, Tom O’Bryan, Frank Lipman, Izabella Wentz, Will Cole, (and more!) I knew I needed in on this action! Functional Medicine was healing me and I wanted to be able to share this approach with other women who, like me, had suffered for years without getting to the solutions they needed. 

I completed my Master in Science from the University of Bridgeport, graduating top of my class. I am also a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS). The intensive training I received means that I know a lot about helping clients get to their root-cause. I coach clients to use strategic diet, lifestyle, and supplement choices within the Functional Medicine model to rebuild their wellness. More about my qualifications here.

When you work with me, I become your Health Detective - using your symptoms as clues to uncover the hidden sources of inflammation standing between you and optimal health.

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